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The Communication Club®

Join the community of confident Communicators and explore community based learning to Learn & Improve Communication Skills.

Top Benefits

The top 3 milestones of learning journey

Language Proficiency

You will learn English as core communication Langauge. 

Confident Personality

You will become a Confident Communicator. 

Fast Career Growth

You will become grow in your career fast and reach to top. 


What you will get as a Member?

The 6 C’s of The Communication Club


6 week classes

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Like-Minded group

You will get access of our private community platform just like Facebook where you can interact with other peers without any distractions and also share your post and assignment.


Online Self Paced

You will be awarded a qualification certificate provided by The Communication Club®, which you can use on LinkedIn, CV and for other platforms to showcase your capability.


Weekly Group Coaching

We meet every week and practice together. This is a group coaching which helps other members to ask questions and solve their query. 


Gain the confidence

You will become a confident communicator. You will be able to speak with confidence in English by overcoming your fear of speaking with others whether in the office, in public or with friends or family.


learn with gamification

Games help us to learn in the most efficient way so you will become part of group games and roleplays. It is a new fun way of learning.

Join Masterclass !

Register for the upcoming masterclass and claim your FREE membership worth Rs. 4999/- or $47.

Join Masterclass !

Register for the upcoming masterclass and claim your FREE membership worth Rs. 4999/- or $47.


Why Start With English Communication Skills?

English is a global language that connects the whole world. It is always good to have knowledge of more than one language. English Communication includes 6 major areas and 4 major skills called LSWR which we teach to in the community. Apart from this, it is just a part of the whole Confidence Game. If you are confident enough in English Communication, you will be able to attract more opportunities globally. So if you feel a lack of confidence in English Communication, you are welcome to join this community of Confident Professionals. We believe this is the first stage of improving our Communication Skills and following reasons will help you to clear your why before starting the learning journey because as Mr. Simon Sinek Says, “Your Why is far more important from what and how to do?”

To Attract Opportunities And Grow In Career

Having an edge of a global Language helps us to attract global opportunities. It also gives chance to connect and share ideas with people while travelling.

To Learn And Practice With Community

When we learn with community and constantly practice we can improve it everyday. We welcome you to our community which can help you to achieve your career goals.

To Be More Creative In Presentation

Learning new language and getting confidence in English Communication makes us more creative and we can use this creativity in our presentation to make it more impactful.

To Become a Life Long Learner

It is always good to be life long learner. Improving English communication opens the door to learn directly from world leaders and influencers as now we are connected with them online.

To Become Global And Build Your Network

Learning English Communication helps us to go global. We can not only find people worldwide but also we can connect with them and build our global network. And In today’s world your network is your networth.

To Speak Confidently With More People

English Communication gives us confidence to speak with more people because we can connect with more people using an additional language. Speaking is one of the highest paid skills of all time.


Why become part of our Community?


Easy To Implementable Rich Content


Explore the power of like-minded community


Video Content And Weekly Masterclass


A nurturing mixture of Video and Live session brings improvement everyday


Robust Accountability System


Practicing With Digital Tools & Techniques


Use Your Suitable Time and Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn From Home

Go Digital 

Digital Learning is the new way of learning. No need to sit in boring classes for long hours. The power of access is now in your palm. Digital learning gives you freedom of learning but the discipline of finishing as well. We as a community prefer digital learning as prior mode of learning. However, we plan our meet up as well to socialize with other group members.


What Our Previous Students Say

Recently, I have joined The Communication Club. Wonderful platform where Divyesh sir has adopted a unique approach which is very interesting for learners.

Deepak Kakkar

Chartered Accountant

Before joining this club, i felt very nervous especially speaking in English but after joining this community i have confidence and i understood that we can speak and learn it easily.

Prashant Pandey

Mechanical Engineer

It’s my pleasure to join The Communication Club by Divyesh Dave. Such a Great Platform to learn and Enhance Communication Skills.

Swatantra Ojha

Hospitality Manager

It’s a great experience here in our Communication Club group. This Community helped me to overcome my hidden fears and shyness.

Noopur Bagmar


This Course is Very helpful. In one month i started feeling really Confident. Divyesh Sir takes one topic and explained in very easy manner. 

Shilpa Dhamale

Accounts Professional

Dave is a very good Mentor and I have never seen such a polite Mentor, Passionate about the Growth of others, Focused and Helpful.

Bhanu Singh

E-Compliance Manager

I have joined The Communication Club of Divyesh Sir, and I learned so many things which I was doing wrong. He always Motivates us and I really appreciate his work.

Priyanshu Nagar

Young Professional

Really very helpful for each type of learners.


Krishnendu Jharna Pramanik

Friend, Educationpreneur & Coach

they have much more to say but the thing is that this is their story and experience. What is your story? Make your story of confidence with us.

Test your stage of English Confidence!

Do you know at what stage you are in? If Yes, we directly welcome you to our exclusive membership. But if your answer is No. No need to worry. We have a tool which will help you to know about your current stage. We have designed a Pre-Test to check you English Communication Confidence. It is a 10 min. test but it can uncover the most of your conidence in quickest way possible. Once you finish this test, you will also be eligible to claim our first level of membership absolutely FREE! So check the test and Be Confident.

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